Belt Pouch for Shells

ChewedPencil asked for this feature 14 days ago — 4 comments

ChewedPencil commented 14 days ago

The main hurdle for using shotguns(other than being outranged by most gun toting mobs) is having to juggle your inventory just to pull out more shells. A belt pouch that could hold up to 2 boxes worth of ammo would be great for shotgunners so that we can easily pull out ammo on the fly. Much like the quiver for the arrows, i think it would be really easy for this shotgun shell pouch to be implemented with minor editing. this way we can pull out a single shell, or up to 5 with the ALT Click.

| MaintClown commented 14 days ago

Hell yeah, inventories are a bit of an issue to go through.

AFatalError commented 14 days ago

what about a webbing/vest version?

| Cyaneer commented 11 days ago

Skidaddle skidoodle, your belt is now a bandolier. And your dick is a noodle

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