Power Armor and Soul Armor AKA PLEASE LET US TANK SHOTS

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FancyCyclops commented 9 days ago

Powered Armor is the kind of armor that projects a shield around you in exchange for battery power. While in the suit, power will be drained to fuel the shield if it's damaged. If the shield is un-damaged and active, then the battery will not be drained. The shield will take damage before the user, and absorb any excess damage if the hit breaks the shield. Broken shields will have a longer delay to regenerate compared to simply damaged shields.

The shield will have its own internal armor values, meaning that anything under the shield will not influence its durability. This also means that the armor will have relatively lower armor for its weight class to compensate for its extra layer of HP. Probably.

If the battery runs out of power, then the shield will no longer regenerate, and the battery will need to be replaced with a crowbar and a spare cell. If the armor is without a battery, then it will not regenerate shields either.

Soul Armor acts as the magical equivalent of Power Armor, taking the user's soul and projecting it around the armor, reducing their max HP by 50% and projecting a shield equal to that value (Or something balanced like that!). Soul Armor has better values against magic, is immune to ion, and the armor itself does not have negative arcane values, but in exchange, it is weaker against physical attacks, and must be recharged with soul gems instead of batteries.


armor that grants regenerating shields

| MaintClown commented 4 days ago

Shields would be great, but having them applicable to all armors would be nice.

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