Ammo loading machine, and better ammo boxes

AFatalError asked for this feature 14 days ago — 2 comments

AFatalError commented 14 days ago

The ammo loading machine is a static machine in the armoury that you can: 1. pay for regular ammo, 2. either pay more or insert special materials for "match-grade" ammo (opposite of surplus) and 3. insert a variety of special materials for different ammo types (eg. ballistic steel for armour piercing, drake scales for drakeshot, etc)

Better ammo boxes as in, a way to store bulk quantities (1-5 mags worth?) of a single type of loose bullets, and can also scoop bullets of the floor and load them into magazines for faster ammo management.

| MaintClown commented 14 days ago

The first idea is pretty good, we need a resource sink. Maybe it could give crafting XP? The second idea would be pretty good. Custom ammo boxes would be great to have, but the functionality to scoop bullets off the ground and load them into magazines automatically should be added to every ammo box.

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