"Man-Portable" Weapon[s] of Mass Destruction

AFatalError asked for this feature 14 days ago — 4 comments

AFatalError commented 14 days ago

weapon[s] so absurdly powerful and massive (think: hipfire 20mm "vulcan" rotary cannon) that it absolutely requires the accompanying hardsuit[s] to even hold. to balance the sheer power of the weapon, the hardsuit[s] would take up nearly every armour/accessory/storage slot (eg. every clothing slot is parts of the suit, back slot is filled with an integrated ammo bag that's the only container that can hold the ammo[es] as well as a small amount of storage for other items, belt slot is some kind of utility module, holster has the weapon's holster that can only hold the weapon and is the only thing that can hold the weapon, etc.), takes an entire IFF computer to use, is very hard to obtain, and is a logistical nightmare outside of combat.

| MaintClown commented 14 days ago

Big of a sacrifice, the amount of power needed has to be absolutely fucking gamebreaking considering shotguns melt most bosses in seconds.

AFatalError commented 14 days ago

yeah, but at the cost of not being able to do anything else essentially

| Greedycore commented 10 days ago

seems like it'd be a fine idea for either player-controlled mob/boss or VR Juggernaut

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