Custom Command LCB limits

Bmills518 asked for this feature 6 months ago — 1 comment

Bmills518 commented 6 months ago

On our server we have setup a home teleport system. This system allows players to use the "sethome1" command to set their respective home teleports, then later use "home1" to return to that location. We have had issues with players using these commands while raiding a base in order to quickly get back home with looted inventory in cases where the owner of the base logs in or comes back to base while being raided. We would like to limit this by having CSMM block a player from using the "home1" custom command if they are within another players LCB. Would it be possible to add a setting for /inside/ claimed space checking and if enabled not fire the command? Also we have had numerous requests for a "Drop all inventory upon death within LCB" if this is possible.

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