CountAlex asked for this feature over 1 year ago — 4 comments

CountAlex commented over 1 year ago

Interface that allows marking a lot of containers to be unloaded at once would be a great tool for looters. It's tedious to free 50 plastic bags from nuts in them every time you come back to base from a good raid. The best example for this is multidropping. Press U, mark, Enter - done!

| curstwist commented over 1 year ago

mass unloading the same liquid from multiple sources would also be great.

| Xelat84 commented over 1 year ago

@curstwist Mass unload of same liquid can already be handled using Extended Inventory window, on one tab open target container using 'c' key, and press enter on any container with liquid on other tab.

| benschneider commented 8 months ago

In DF (dwarf fortress) you can record and replay a macro (key strokes) by just pressing Ctrl+R and replay it with Ctrl+P. Would such a feature be interesting or help in this situation?

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