New wound system

Ramza13 asked for this feature over 1 year ago — 3 comments

Ramza13 commented over 1 year ago

Right now injuries are just an hp system. kevin has a proposal/project to replace this with individual wounds of different types and severities so you could have several small bruises and a large cut rather than be missing 23 hp.

Copied from its description: A long-backburnered goal of mine is to replace HP with a distinct enumeration and interaction with wounds. This also includes overhauling "block", "dodge" and the effects of armor to tend to mitigate attacks rather than eliminate them.

Some background from the forums:

| shetCode commented about 1 year ago

It would be interesting to see a wound system similar to Dwarf Fortress in CDDA.

Jarf commented 8 months ago

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