multiplayer mode

SergeyFPAA asked for this feature 8 months ago — 3 comments

SergeyFPAA commented 8 months ago

Dear all, How about multiplayer mode?

| selfishbanshee commented 6 months ago

how would this work? each player taking turns? or only taking turns when in combat? turn based multiplayer only really works in games with few players/npc's; or like in divinity original sin where its real time until combat starts. Real time would not work in cdda unless they made it so the party leader/admin could set game speed and then switch to turn based once combat starts. Potentially safe mode could be adjusted so that it activates turn based mode? I'm not sure if they could implement this, but I'd love to hear a more creative solution. Also if you want a great example of mass scale turn based multiplayer with game speed options look at CK/stellaris/europa/hearts of iron. If this could work I would cry tears of joy.

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