Option to bridge plex docker container for local network usage

iFloris asked for this feature almost 3 years ago — 5 comments

iFloris commented almost 3 years ago

My install may be irregular. My Cloudbox runs inside a ubuntu VM in proxmox. This works very well for the most part! However, one hurdle is that playing movies from plex is a bad experience. Currently, plex thinks it is not publicly accessible, though I think that it actually is. However, when attempting to play a movie, I see cloud box down and uploading furiously. The plex clients complain that they are connected via relay. This causes all streams to run at 2 mbps and also causes plex to transcode every item that is being played, regardless of direct play capability (such as with smart tv clients or  tv plex app). Lastly, plex relay causes plex to play items via the internet. This means that plex downloads stuff to play (as expected) but then transcodes and uploads it to the relay. The plex client then downloads it again. Not very efficient.

Would it be possible to add an optional docker bridge for the local network?

desimaniac commented almost 3 years ago Admin

Wouldn't it be possible to setup you VM to give you a bridged IP directly from the router?

I've tested on VM before and this wasn't an issue. Esp with proper port forwarding etc.

desimaniac commented almost 3 years ago Admin


desimaniac commented almost 3 years ago Admin

Someone suggested an idea for a "local box" that could be installed without nginx (and even plexdrive). So if you want to contribute on that, let me know.

iFloris commented almost 3 years ago

Hi @desimaniac, thanks for taking the time to respond. The VM has a proper ip, as in I can access all apps through their respective web interfaces such as sonarr.localdomain.lan and portainer.localdomain.lan and plex.localdomain.lan. However, plex still seems to complain about not having actual remote access. The plex server also shows as remote in my plex server list. Having a second local box would be an option, I have considered that as well.

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