uesnet and or bittorrent only mode?

lonix asked for this feature almost 3 years ago — 3 comments

lonix commented almost 3 years ago

a diffrent subset of selection, primirarly for only "using" e.g. Usenet and not having to install the bittorrent apps. and vice versa.

And/Or a option to disable individual components, this would be a bit harder with your current ansible setup. (I dont really want a stupid ui for docker).

Ill be happy to contrib.

desimaniac commented almost 3 years ago Admin

We'll be adding aliases soon so that users can just use one word vs the whole sudo ansible .... line. I suppose you can have one for full-nzb, full-torrent, etc.

Or if you want, you can help make a simple TUI menu (eg dialog whiptail, that allows you to either select handpicked ones eg plex, feeder, etc, or customize an install by selecting multiple options eg, just an idea.

desimaniac commented over 2 years ago Admin

Recently added: If you leave the new nzb or torrent download paths blank, it will automatically skip out on installing nzb or torrent specific containers.

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