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Project Feature Score Description
Kwoth/NadekoBot Improving warn 25 If a person has **Allow direct messages from server members** disabled while using a `.warn` on him, it will still say that the person has been warned altho the DM wasn't sent. So, how about, if this happens, either put that warning in the channel where `.warn` was used, or make the bot say something like **Failed to warn a user, but the warning was still logged**.
Kwoth/NadekoBot Better warnlogs 7 `.warnlog` could be accessible to anyone, or at least to view own logs, cause I don't see a point of keeping it away from people without **BanMembers** server permission :/
Kwoth/NadekoBot More for command help 9 In the footer of the command help embed, include to which module this command belongs to.
Kwoth/NadekoBot Stop hangman game 13 `>hq` to stop a hangman game regardless of if it's running or not, the instance needs to be killable since a few people experience it being stuck until the bot restarts
Kwoth/NadekoBot Nuke command 1 A new command, more like an addon to the anti-raid feature, a `.nuke` command. **If** raiders would ever bypass the anti-raid they will be spamming a lot in channels and everything (we know how they work already...), so my idea is to make Nadeko mass-ban a lot of people one by one. The usage of the command is simple: at first you need to know how many raiders are there, then you type `.nuke` and the number of messages/message authors. For example, if you type `.nuke 5` (as in 5 raiders) Nadeko will start banning the authors of the last messages in the channel: firstly bans one person according who is the author of it, then after he is banned all his messages are deleted, then Nadeko can move to the next last message's author and ban him, and repeat the same loop until the provided number of people have been banned.
Kwoth/NadekoBot New module 5 Bot owner only commands could have their own specific module.
Kwoth/NadekoBot %members% placeholder 1 `%members%` - displays a number of members in the server, useful for greet messages to announce who is the #th member.


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Vote When Project Feature
9 days ago Kwoth/NadekoBot %members% placeholder
about 1 month ago Kwoth/NadekoBot Ability to run multiple bots with Nadeko Updater
about 1 month ago Kwoth/NadekoBot Level up roles
about 1 month ago Kwoth/NadekoBot Automatically .warn when someone says a filtered word
about 1 month ago Kwoth/NadekoBot Auto disconnect bot from voice channel when not playing music
about 1 month ago Kwoth/NadekoBot Automatically delete songs from the queue after they play.
about 2 months ago Kwoth/NadekoBot Improvements for ".log userjoined"
about 2 months ago Kwoth/NadekoBot New module
2 months ago Kwoth/NadekoBot Owner rights
2 months ago Kwoth/NadekoBot ;;
2 months ago Kwoth/NadekoBot Owner rights
2 months ago Kwoth/NadekoBot Official Cleverbot for Selfhosters
3 months ago Kwoth/NadekoBot Have the ability to set afk messages
3 months ago Kwoth/NadekoBot Bot got offline for maintenance/updates
3 months ago Kwoth/NadekoBot Nuke command
3 months ago Kwoth/NadekoBot Groupable Tesar
3 months ago Kwoth/NadekoBot list users that are warned
3 months ago Kwoth/NadekoBot A panic button
3 months ago Kwoth/NadekoBot Stop hangman game
3 months ago Kwoth/NadekoBot Improving warn
3 months ago Kwoth/NadekoBot More for command help
3 months ago Kwoth/NadekoBot Better warnlogs