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lidarr/Lidarr Conditional file naming 1 An issue I've run into quite a lot was albums and EPs with the same title. For example there's an album called "The Rolling Stones" released in 1964 and an EP called "The Rolling Stones" released in 1964, The files are both put in the same folder and that can confuse other sources like Plex. Using the {Album Type} would end up with "So Cold EP EP" or "The Purple Album Album". Easiest solution would be some form of conditional file/directory naming.
lidarr/Lidarr Download music videos 3 It'd be neat to be able to manage and download music videos through lidarr. Youtube-dl would be an easy and fairly reliable source for these. Edit: It's not very well known, But IMVDb (Internet Music Video Database) exists and would work well for this. https://imvdb.com/


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6 months ago lidarr/Lidarr Download music videos
6 months ago lidarr/Lidarr Conditional file naming
6 months ago lidarr/Lidarr Ability to add OST
7 months ago causefx/Organizr Show season and episode number at "Recently added" on the homepage
7 months ago causefx/Organizr Disable auto-expanding nav bar
7 months ago causefx/Organizr Homepage Transmission - show overall download/upload rate
7 months ago causefx/Organizr Trakt.tv Integration
7 months ago causefx/Organizr [v2] Add Tautulli Homepage item to show Library Statistics
9 months ago lidarr/Lidarr Ability to add an artist not currently on musicbrainz or other metadata providers
9 months ago lidarr/Lidarr Deezloadr/SoulSeek integration
9 months ago lidarr/Lidarr Convert music during postprocessing
9 months ago lidarr/Lidarr Spotify Integration
9 months ago lidarr/Lidarr Import Spotify playlist