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Anuken/Mindustry Auto Pause for PVP Games 0 PVP-Survival maps have a slight issue, making a game and having to wait for another human being, allows wave timers to continue to tick, wave timers need to be suspended/paused, should there not be enough players. This is because even IF the game cannot start "Waiting for players..." the wave timer and waves continue working like its not paused.
Anuken/Mindustry Additional controls for Map Editor 1 Building maps is fun and all, but when you do not possess the ability to copy and paste tiles, map making can become tedious and tiresome, and with only 1 kind of tile placing shape available can get messy too, instead of a single slider to increase how round you want to paste with, allow the choice of a shape type "Circular", "Square", "Star" Etc, or for simple shape like a squire to be able to change its width and height, to really give you more control over how to design maps
Anuken/Mindustry Additional map creation features 1 Triggers: These are little scripts/easy-to-apply triggers which can change the map, placements of blocks or other features, should something change of the map, for instance "If orange core is destroyed, then remove tile at X:*-Y:* (S:pawn) this trigger means should a specific Core is destroyed, then remove a linked tile, so in this case an S tile, this stops enemies from spawning, or perhaps achieving an X amount of resources could remove multiple tiles to unravel new areas, or perhaps you're just too strong with resources, having X surge could lead to applying new S's around the map, specific or random Teams: Its nice and all having 2 teams fighting it out, but how about multiple teams and additional colours, not only that, assign team colours as a squad. Team 1 : Oranage & Blue Team 2 : Red & Green this could also add "I want to be on your team, but having my own base to work with" Colours: White, Brown, Pink, Cyan, Gold, Turquoise, Gray, Etc


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11 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Better Drone Commands
11 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Schematics Remember Power Node & Bridge Connections
11 months ago Anuken/Mindustry Display content of bridges/bridge connections/junctions/phase conveyors and allow us to pick items that are clogging them