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Name Description Features Votes
unitycontainer/unity This repository contains development environment for the entire package. We welcome contributions! 18 238
unitycontainer/container Unity.Container implementation. 2 1

Features suggested

Project Feature Score Description
unitycontainer/unity Support for Microsoft Enterprise Library 4 Provide hooks for DI, logging
unitycontainer/unity Documentation 124 Need better documentation
unitycontainer/unity Add support for .NET Native 3
unitycontainer/unity Microsoft.DependencyInjection 6 Support for Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection
unitycontainer/unity Add support for MEF 6 Enable Unity to replace MEF container
unitycontainer/unity Add support for WCF 19
unitycontainer/unity Boost performance 24 Concentrate on performance optimizations instead of new features
unitycontainer/unity Add `builder.Register<..>().As<..>().AsSingleton<..>()` notation 10 Add notation similar to Autofac container
unitycontainer/unity Support 'Default' values 0
unitycontainer/unity Free form InjectionDelegateFactory 1 Ability to register arbitrary delegate which would be called with all dependencies resolved.
unitycontainer/unity Constraint support for open generics 0 Unity should check 'where : xxx' constraints on open generics
unitycontainer/unity Free form DelegateFactory 3 Ability to register factory delegate and resolve dependencies prior to calling it
unitycontainer/unity Add support for auto mocking types for testing 0
unitycontainer/container Enable Validation 1 Replace release policies with debug policies. These policies are designed to analyze all parameters of the operations and validate behavior
unitycontainer/unity Add support for iOS 0


Project Feature Comment When
unitycontainer/unity Support async Added discussion at https://github.com/unitycontainer/unity/issues/186 about 2 years ago
unitycontainer/unity Support async Please open an issue with Unity repository so we could discuss the implementation about 2 years ago
unitycontainer/unity Microsoft.DependencyInjection Done in 5.5.4 about 2 years ago


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