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tidusjar/Ombi Stop getting the Plex Media lists on a restart. 5 There is a set time frame for how often Ombi goes out to check the media on the server. My suggestion is to not do a forced update of the media, if Ombi is restarted during that time frame. For instance, this info is gathered every 60 minutes if the server is running without any issues, it should poll PMS every 60 minutes to see if there is new content. But I've had a number of crashes/bugs, and when I go to restart Ombi it starts up with the banner saying it's updating the PMS contents again. Responses are slow, or create another crash. The ideal would be to write the time that the last PMS update was done to the DB, and if the restart is within that time frame, don't update again.
tidusjar/Ombi Music and Album searches 10 Currently, the music search is based on albums. I suggest that instead of albums, perhaps search for artists. (Have a toggle, maybe?) I know what artists I want for media, most people do. But they might not know what songs the artist has on which album. Unless you are a complete musicophile, not a lot of people can tell you exactly which album has what songs. Allowing a search for artist, and then drill down to the albums of that artist, listing the individual songs would make this a lot less painful for some users.


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