Restrict allowed seasons for specials

rollor asked for this feature almost 4 years ago — 3 comments

rollor commented almost 4 years ago

Every so often a group releases old specials for some series. If specials are enabled for the configured series, episode advancement isn't involved in selection so the episode is automatically accepted (unless the seen plugin rejects it due to exact title match). I suggest that specials should only be accepted if the are for the current season or for the next season (because most specials occur at the end of a season or the beginning of the next season), and all specials for previous seasons be rejected. It's annoying accepting 5-year-old christmas specials.

liiight commented almost 4 years ago Admin

This is possible only if the special episode will be named with the relevant season (as in S7E00 or something like that). Not sure what to do with the other naming schemes though...

| rollor commented almost 4 years ago

Right, most of the specials I see use that naming scheme.

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