Exist_Trakt (+Metadata)

snickers2k asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 7 comments

snickers2k commented over 3 years ago

trakt just released support for metadata of own collections.

this could replace/enhance "exist"-plugins. But without the need of filesystem. I personally think Plex/Emby/Kodi to Trakt is the better / more solid way of getting informations like quality. having flexget scrape the filesystem again, plus having to lookup everything makes no sense for me, if there are so beautiful databases like plex/trakt/kodi Also trakt could be a better way to fill in configure_series/exist_series

With lookup

if: trakt_movie_quality < 1080p: accept

or with list

trakt_list: context: collected type: movies/episodes metadata/quality: 1080p/720p

or with exist_trakt: allow_different_qualities: {better|yes|no}

or with exist_trakt_episodes: allow_different_qualities: {better|yes|no}

and absolutely needed: context: missing (to get a complete list of episodes missing - one of my biggest problems with flexget, since i don't use flexget to scrape my filesystem)

liiight commented over 3 years ago Admin

is it something that isn't covered with trakt_lookup plugin already?

| snickers2k commented over 3 years ago

no.. its the metadata information about personal collected items .. so not the public infos via lookup .. I wish i could tell flexget what kind of data i have in my collection and upgrade special qualities etc this way. Go to trakt->collection->metadata . this is a complete new feature.

gazpachoking commented about 2 years ago Admin

I think this is possible with trakt_lookup. If you specify your account info with traktlookup, it will populate the `traktcollectedandtrakt_watched` fields.

| snickers2k commented almost 2 years ago

yes.. but the metadata too?! it's about getting complete metadata without using existmovie. btw. is "existmovie" really fetching the whole metadata? like bitrate etc ?

| snickers2k commented almost 2 years ago

this is the best solution to really identify whats in the library already. Since names can fail. Most people have trakt connected with kodi/plex/emby and so is trakt able to know the EXACT quality (Format, Codec, Resolution and Audio Channels).

| snickers2k commented almost 2 years ago

trakt_lookup would work as well if there would be a "trakt_movie_quality" and a "trakt_episode_quality"

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