Exist_Trakt (+Metadata)

snickers2k asked for this feature almost 2 years ago — 7 comments

snickers2k commented almost 2 years ago

trakt just released support for metadata of own collections.

this could replace/enhance "exist"-plugins. But without the need of filesystem. I personally think Plex->Trakt is the better / more solid way of getting informations like quality. Right now it takes years in too many tasks for exist_movie-plugin and it can easily fail if it's a filename without quality. Another thing for GDrive-Users is to keep API-Hits as low as possible - and since trakt already knows everything, this is the better solution. A simple trakt-call, cached in flexget db for sometime, would be great.

With lookup


trakt_movie_quality < 1080p: accept

or with list


context: collected

metadata/quality: 1080p

or with


allow_different_qualities: {better|yes|no}

liiight commented almost 2 years ago Admin

is it something that isn't covered with trakt_lookup plugin already?

| snickers2k commented almost 2 years ago

no.. its the metadata information about personal collected items .. so not the public infos via lookup .. I wish i could tell flexget what kind of data i have in my collection and upgrade special qualities etc this way. Go to trakt->collection->metadata . this is a complete new feature.

gazpachoking commented 5 months ago Admin

I think this is possible with trakt_lookup. If you specify your account info with traktlookup, it will populate the `traktcollectedandtrakt_watched` fields.

| snickers2k commented 3 months ago

yes.. but the metadata too?! it's about getting complete metadata without using existmovie. btw. is "existmovie" really fetching the whole metadata? like bitrate etc ?

| snickers2k commented 2 months ago

this is the best solution to really identify whats in the library already. Since names can fail. Most people have trakt connected with kodi/plex/emby and so is trakt able to know the EXACT quality (Format, Codec, Resolution and Audio Channels).

| snickers2k commented 2 months ago

trakt_lookup would work as well if there would be a "trakt_movie_quality" and a "trakt_episode_quality"

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