Alternative to exist_Series/movies: Exist_Trakt_Metadata

snickers2k asked for this feature over 1 year ago — 3 comments

snickers2k commented over 1 year ago

trakt just released support for metadata of own collections. would be great to have flexget take advantage of it. it could make "existmovie" and "existseries"-function obsolete for trakt users.

liiight commented over 1 year ago Admin

is it something that isn't covered with trakt_lookup plugin already?

| snickers2k commented over 1 year ago

no.. its the metadata information about personal collected items .. so not the public infos via lookup .. I wish i could tell flexget what kind of data i have in my collection and upgrade special qualities etc this way. Go to trakt->collection->metadata . this is a complete new feature.

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