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pmsf/PMSF Block all team gym info 2 Grant the ability to block viewing team control and available spots in gyms. Example: The below settings should allow the viewing of gym locations but all gyms are grey or don't show ownership and do not show how many open slots there are. $noGyms = false; $noViewTeams = true; $noViewOpenSpot = true;


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17 days ago pmsf/PMSF Temporarily toggle only Nesting species spawns on tap
17 days ago pmsf/PMSF Block all team gym info
17 days ago pmsf/PMSF Rare Candy Slider
17 days ago pmsf/PMSF Raid End Time toggle
7 months ago 123FLO321/RealDeviceMap Spawnpoint data
over 1 year ago 123FLO321/RealDeviceMap Add Dashboard Menu to Navbar