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Project Feature Score Description
BurgerLUA/burgerstation Animated spinny bouncing murderball 0 I've got the sprites for this spinny ball of death and destruction it will reign across whatever stands in its way towards whoever woke up this guardian. I give sprite, You give code.(maybe it can be some kinda boss or special mob *shrug*) It'd recalibrate at the player's direction if awaken or provoked(ignores noise,only damage), proceed to charge in his direction, hit the player(Deal damage), not = proceeds in the direction until meets something it can be stopped by, it bounces off (if it hit the player,or any living mob it returns from whence it came) in the direction of the player, it goes back to first stage until the foe is vanquished.<- not really sure if it should stop the chase or demolish everything in its way


Project Feature Comment When
BurgerLUA/burgerstation Barricade buff If you buff the barricades you'll also buff the AI cades(revs),and those can take a bit of a beating 10 days ago
BurgerLUA/burgerstation "Man-Portable" Weapon[s] of Mass Destruction seems like it'd be a fine idea for either player-controlled mob/boss or VR Juggernaut 10 days ago


Vote When Project Feature
6 days ago BurgerLUA/burgerstation Expansion on the miscellanous skills such as Crafting and Alchemy
8 days ago feathub/feathub Delete feature
10 days ago BurgerLUA/burgerstation New burger station but ZOMBIES????? - Autisme #3276
10 days ago BurgerLUA/burgerstation Grandes, grandes and more grandes
10 days ago BurgerLUA/burgerstation "Man-Portable" Weapon[s] of Mass Destruction