Tabs Features : Close, Keyboard Navigation, Hide on Fullscreen

sivaswami asked for this feature over 2 years ago — 5 comments

sivaswami commented over 2 years ago

  1. Enable Keyboard navigation between tabs
  2. Close Button on tabs
  3. Hide Tab bar in Fullscreen view.

| hackel commented almost 2 years ago

Each of these should be a separate feature.

  1. Already implemented.
  2. Wasted screen real-estate—absolutely must be optional, only good for mouse users.
  3. It would make sense to auto-hide the tab bar like Firefox and most other apps do.

CottonEaster commented almost 2 years ago

I'd like 2 as well. Also, the location of the new tab button - namely, where most applications have a close button - makes for a bit of confusion/counter-intuitiveness.

| hackel commented 8 months ago

#2 was implemented in 3.5.0.

pabloab commented 5 months ago

To have all these features consider using Byobu/tmux inside Guake.

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