Drop-down animation in GNOME

SiriusCrack asked for this feature over 2 years ago — 6 comments

SiriusCrack commented over 2 years ago

Mentioned on GitHub on issue #701 ( and #304 (

A drop-down animation when opening the terminal.

| eric-saintetienne commented over 2 years ago

C'mon nobody should prioritize eye-candy over lacking functionalities.

| jtagcat commented over 1 year ago

My Guake is on the bottom of my screen, make sure it won't look broken.

| Xaer033 commented over 1 year ago

@eric-saintetienne The project name is literally Guake, a quake like terminal. Seems like the drop down part of that is kind of integral to the experience

seghers commented 11 months ago

This should be optional if ever implemented.

| salvoc81 commented 10 months ago

I also think it would a great option to have...

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