Backup/restore settings

bernardolm asked for this feature about 1 year ago — 8 comments

bernardolm commented about 1 year ago

Allow user to backup and restore settings to/from a file. This allows uses same settings on different machines.

| aurelijusrozenas commented 11 months ago

When settings were stored in gconf dir, it was easy to copy files. Now I could not even find where the settings are stored, so I guess we need export/import :)

| hschne commented 10 months ago

| bernardolm commented 9 months ago

@aurelijusrozenas It's understood that there will be a default path for these files, as .config in user home folder. If you want to put in a different path, remember this place should be your responsibility. P.S .: gconf dir isn1t easy to copy AND restore files in general. Thanks for comment!

| ERnsTL commented 8 months ago

| jcarsique commented 3 months ago

dconf dump/load are indeed easy to use although requiring to remember the location, command and Guake settings path, so it's worth to quickly add a backup/restore feature.

gsemet commented 15 days ago Admin

should be easier to do now. pull request are welcomed !

gsemet commented 6 days ago Admin

Pull Request just landed, ready to test on latest version of HEAD :)

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