Workspace-specific Guake

MEKeller asked for this feature about 3 years ago — 3 comments

MEKeller commented about 3 years ago


It would be awesome if Guake had separate contexts based on which workspace you were on.

| barak commented about 2 years ago

I came to say this. It's been bugging me since I started using guake!

I use different workspaces for different tasks: editing paper 1, reviewing grant proposal 2, grading homeworks 3, etc. I want a shell for each one. Right now I use separate tabs in guake. This means I have to switch to a workspace, and then when I pop us guake I need to switch to the appropriate tab. Which is very annoying. Sometimes I pop up guake and end up typing a command into the wrong tab, gurk.

It would be amazing if there could be a separate per-workspace guake, popped up by the hotkey. Or (and this might be technically easier) if guake noticed when it pops up in a different workspace and switches automatically to the tab it was in last time it was in that workspace.

pabloab commented 12 months ago

The issue is now closed.

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