Support for Permanent or Pinned tabs

robertfoss asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 5 comments

robertfoss commented over 3 years ago

Pinning tabs would enable guake at boot to start a few 'saved' tabs that are executing the same command they did on the last run, and are ordered in the same way as they were during the last run.

| gsemet commented over 2 years ago Admin

Yes, pinned tabs a-la firefox would be cool indeed

| toweih commented over 2 years ago

... + being able open "hard-pinned favorite-tabs" using hotkeys. That would be great!

| razenha commented almost 2 years ago

I would favor restoring the tabs names and current directories rather than executing the same command.

| RomanSteinberg commented almost 2 years ago

Guys, it is NOT a necessary, just use scripts. Everyone can make pinned tabs and even pre-run some commands. Here is the link for similar question: . Also, there is guide:

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