Create Launchpad PPA for Latest Releases of Guake

bsara asked for this feature 9 months ago — 6 comments

bsara commented 9 months ago

Right now, the only PPAs that I can seem to find for Guake aren't official PPAs for the Guake project, nor do they have the latest version of Guake in them (the latest in Ubuntu 18.04 is v3.0.5).

It would be awesome if the project had it's own official PPA repo where the latest releases would be posted so that we can all get the latest updates immediately and without doing manual installations/builds.

| sdolgikh commented 7 months ago

Agreed. In fact, guake 3.0.5 in Ubuntu 18.04 is broken - it cannot close tabs, for example. And maintainers are just retarded and not updating repositories.

| ERnsTL commented 6 months ago

Having current and official packages would be awesome.

xdaco commented 4 months ago

Even the version for 18.10 is also not the latest. An official ppa would be awesome !!

| hackel commented 2 months ago

Would much prefer a snap package that works on any Linux distribution and is immune to distribution upgrades.

| v6 commented 2 months ago

// , How do I install from a PPA? Also, does this have an AppImage?

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