Provide snap or flatpak package

felihommen asked for this feature 12 months ago — 5 comments

felihommen commented 12 months ago

I'm a Fedora user. Fedora packages an old version of Guake, and in the last release (Fedora 29) it has broken dependencies. I think snap and/or flatpak would be a good alternative in this kind of situation

| hackel commented 11 months ago

Dupe of #41. Please search first. Yes, we definitely need a snap package.

v6 commented 10 months ago

// , Why not AppImage?

| hackel commented 10 months ago

AppImage is outdated, offers no isolation, and is not nearly as widely accepted. It doesn't handle automatic updates, let alone snapshot-based updates. It has no base platform images, so each AppImage must package all dependencies or rely on the host dependencies, making it not truly distribution agnostic and much harder for the app developer.

| benyanke commented 3 months ago

I would love to see a snap as well

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