Allow separate, independent guake terminal sets per display in multi-display situation

WyoMurf asked for this feature almost 4 years ago — 5 comments

WyoMurf commented almost 4 years ago

I currently have two displays on my desktop system, arranged so that I can slide my mouse cursor between screens. I note that if I have guake running on my left screen, and I slide my mouse over to my right screen, and hit , that the screen disappears from the left screen, and if I hit again, it rolls down on my right screen. It would be more useful to have an independent set of screens on the right also, so I can copy/paste text from one screen to the other!

| warkanum commented over 3 years ago

It would be usefull to have an option for a console/tab per display with hotkeys to send a tab to a different display.

robertfoss commented over 3 years ago

Having separate independent guake terminal sets would be helpful for different workspaces too.

| helix84 commented about 3 years ago

| NOFUNEVER commented over 2 years ago

I'm currently using Tilda on my two secondary monitors and guake on my main since Tilda supports multiple windows and drop down but doesn't look as nice a guake. If guake matched Tilda multiple window support it would be a more elegant solution.

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