guake session backed by screen (or tmux)

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helix84 commented about 3 years ago

I'd like guake to be backed by screen. A single instance of screen would be started on guake startup with the name "guake" (screen -S guake) and it will appear in Tab 1.

When I open a new tab in guake, simultaneously a new screen window will be created (ctrl-a c) and will appear in Tab 2.

When I close a tab in guake, simultaneously the associated screen window will be killed (ctrl-a k).

When I create a new window in screen, a new tab will be opened in guake.

When I close/kill a window in screen, the associated tab in guake will be closed.

You can use both screen commands and guake GUI to control the guake/screen session.

The screen/guake session can be attached both in guake and screen (for example via ssh) simultaneously. (Screen on its own supports attaching a single session from two screen instances.)

I use guake with multiple tabs at work. When I leave, I can ssh from home and connect using "screen -x guake" exactly where I left (this is why I want this feature).

Now, regarding session saving/restoring, here's one way it could work:

When you exit guake, screen will not be killed, only detached (ctrl-a d).

When you start guake again, it will reconnect to the screen session called "guake" and open each of the session's windows in a guake tab (similar to what "screen -x guake" would do, but in tabs).

Should your X Window System crash, you can simply restart X and run guake, which will restore the running session.

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