Visual indication of the active window/terminal pane

hackel asked for this feature almost 3 years ago — 1 comment

hackel commented almost 3 years ago

When using the new split window functionality in 3.4.0, there is no visual indicator of which window has focus. The only way I know of currently, is to hunt for which window has a blinking cursor.

There are many ways this could be done, and I'm sure opinions on the best way to do this will vary like crazy. There could be a 1 pixel border around the active window, an underline, overline, highlight the scroll bar, dim inactive scrollbars... Undoubtedly people would like the flexibility to choose what works best for them.

One nice option would be to highlight the active window with a coloured border whenever Guake is opened, which then automatically fades away. It could also flash whenever changing windows with the keyboard.

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