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WyoMurf asked for this feature almost 4 years ago — 3 comments

WyoMurf commented almost 4 years ago

I monitor and maintain literally hundreds of systems. A nice feature of mate-terminal is the "Tabs" menu selection, that lists all your sessions, clicking on one opens that tab. While, yes, I can select a tab via the scroll mechanism at the bottom of the screen, it could go much quicker if you had another button/icon at the bottom right, that would give a pop-up menu of all the session labels, choosing one of which would open that particular session.

| gsemet commented over 3 years ago Admin

Hi. I actually like this feature. Will think of it

| pabloab commented over 1 year ago

This isn't already implemented with the "Go to _ tab" shortcuts? Also, I wouldn't waste energy on features already implemented on byobu/tmux, moreover considering Guake right now have more than 400 issues, a lot of them bugs.

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