Add a simple Cursor color option & Automatic copy selection to clipboard (Like xfce Terminal)

G-S-M-B-F asked for this feature 9 months ago — 1 comment

G-S-M-B-F commented 9 months ago

The title says it and it's pretty simple so I don't think it needs more technical explanation... Just like in xfce4-terminal's Cursor color option in Colors tab of Preferences. And 'Automatically copy selection to clipboard' option in Misc section of the Advanced tab in xfce4-terminal's Preferences. Also please make this second one (copy selection) work in most DEs, like modern gnome-shell or anything running on X11 or... (I'm using xfce).

These are truly two amazing option requests and they're also good & useful ones that everyone could use and love and make things better and easier. Frankly I don't see a reason why they shouldn't or couldn't be added! And I would really appreciate it if you add them ASAP.

And also a question: If/when you add these features and release an updated version containing them, exactly which repos will this update be released into? I'm using MX Linux. Will it be in the default repos? (debian stretch) if not, it's gonna be in either testing or unstable repos though, right?

Thank you so much. I love Guake and I've been using it I think like over 7-8 years now since I became familiar with it, before Guake I just used normal terminals like some sort of a caveman or something! :D :p

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