is the height of the eyelash bar

ijann asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 2 comments

ijann commented over 3 years ago

Hi, I love this terminal, and his new design is great, I like it, but there is something that I always wanted you to see, is the height of the eyelash bar, that bar is very high, takes a lot of space, If you could put the option to put a custom size, as they do for the terminal both wide and high, That would be great, thinner - it should be the tab bar, differs from the design, I hope you understand my point of view.

| jep-dev commented over 3 years ago

Hi there, could you elaborate? I assume you mean the top bar, but second-guessed myself when you said "it should be the tab bar". I kept refining my search to the point where Google ran out of suggestions entirely (UI "eyelash bar" -"eyelash extensions" UX GUI -cosmetic -massage -buying -drones -ipad -- seriously.) I agree entirely though. With all of the features oriented toward covering half or all of your screen, including transparency so you can see two screens at the same time and hotkeys for all of that, I got the impression that most of the users would be very protective of their "real estate". I always hide everything but the surface anyway, but I might be able to deal with it if it were a vertical bar. Most screens are horizontal and allow you to edit side-by-side, so you might have enough margins collectively to make room for a vertical bar, while a horizontal bar is guaranteed to cramp everything you have open. It looks like the tab buttons in the top bar are about twice the height of the buttons and other components in the configuration window. Maybe that would be useful for someone with a very long title that needs to wrap, but wouldn't that person be frustrated with the font size? +1 for this feature, although the increased height has to be deliberate, there must be something I'm not getting.

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