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tomchor asked for this feature over 3 years ago — 10 comments

tomchor commented over 3 years ago

Example of what I mean:

This is a function that already exists in many terminal applications (yakuake, terminator, tmux, ...) but hasn't happened in Guake yet. Splitting a terminal can be extremely useful in many cases, and it would be extremely handy to have a native Guake solution.

There is an ongoing issue for this feature since 2013 here: It is the second most liked issue for Guake, and the one that has the most comments (92). Now with GTK3 the time seems right!


| jep-dev commented over 3 years ago

I'd love to try it out, and I can think of a lot of interesting directions you could go from there. If it were a similar client-server arrangement, each could have a different font, color, scale, etc. I wasn't aware that Yakuake had this, but I've been using Tmux for a long time now and its largest detractors say that it tries to be your window manager, session manager, a shell, and so on, and spreads itself too thin to do any of them really well. I've been thinking of trying I3 lately, because ultimately that's what I want to tile - I multiplexed my terminal, then my browser until WebExtensions hit, and I would have kept doing it to each program. It's really the window manager's job, I can't argue with that.

I voted to support this but I don't think this is a matter of all of that commotion falling on deaf ears. You have to wonder how it stacks up against the rest of the issues people have with the core features, how many they anticipate from what's already in the works, and how many more they'd generate going after what looks like a crowd pleaser. I honestly have no idea what they're basing their decisions on or where this one sits with them now, but a big transition like moving to GTK3 is more likely to mean settling in for a long game of whack-a-bug. With GTK2 fully behind them it should mean features they were considering will be viable soon, even just in terms of the dropped technical debt (carrying more through the transition) if not the benefit of GTK3 itself. Opinions?

bersace commented over 3 years ago

tilix has a quake mode with tiling, keystroke broadcast, etc.

ElijahLynn commented over 3 years ago

After having used tmux for quite some time, I don't really see the need for this feature. I suppose there would be a less complex way of implementing tmux, but as soon you add this feature you will basically need to redo all the hard work tmux has done, which is fine, but is no small task. In the meantime, if one wants this feature, I recommend a learning investment in tmux, it will pay for itself over time, although it does have a learning curve initially. There is a small book I purchased that got me up to speed quickly,

| gsemet commented over 3 years ago Admin

Hi, Guake maintainer here! I still have some bugs to fix after the switch to gtk3, hopefully once finished I'll be turning my effort into this split terminal + save session features. I am not a tmux user neither a "terminal splitter" (I prefers tabs) but I understand the need of this feature... so, again, a little bit of patience ! thanks

| eric-saintetienne commented over 3 years ago

Just use tmux!

| goteguru commented over 3 years ago

I'd say no. It's against the zen of *NIX. We shall use simple building blocks which can do things perfectly instead of bloated monsters reinventing the wheel. We have decades and we have tmux for years (among others). You can do many-many things with them, they are proven to be stable and useful. You can detach and attach anytime even from a remote machine or console. Your sessions outlive even an X restart! Reimplementing this functionality would take enormous effort (probably much more than writing guake) and what for? To have an untested tmux clone? Silly IMHO.

Ergus commented about 3 years ago

Hi: For me this functionality is very important. I am perfectly fine using tmux as I am doing; the problem is that with the new interface I can't start tmux automatically with guake. The Custom command window asks for a json file and I don't have a clue!!

| ERnsTL commented about 3 years ago

In full support of the comments by goteguru.

| gsemet commented almost 3 years ago Admin

Implemented in 3.4

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