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Drop-down terminal for GNOME -

Enable Guake CLI for settings

Created 12 months ago by samuelcomeau6

is the height of the eyelash bar

Created over 2 years ago by ijann

Windows WSL support ?

Created 24 days ago by FredMour

Toggle splitted terminals

Created 6 months ago by metroSetenta

Tab color

Created almost 2 years ago by SoniEx2

Support resizing with mouse #1744

Created about 2 months ago by ElijahLynn

Pinned tabs

Created 11 months ago by SoniEx2

Sorry this is just a suggestion

Created about 2 years ago by huilaoda

Separate key-binding for 'hide'

Created over 1 year ago by CottonEaster

create an rpm repo

Created over 1 year ago by krokwen

Display Image

Created about 1 year ago by valmormn
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