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tidusjar/Ombi Set preferred Show Type in ombi > sonarr 1 Sonarr has three options for show type : Standard, Anime, and Daily. Sonarr handles each of these show types differently. For instance on Anime show type, sonarr will not grab season packs. Set that same anime on sonarr to Standard type, and it will immediately grab the pack. Ombi uses some metric to determine if the show is TV or Anime, and then it sends to sonarr with the user set root folders and quality profile for that choice. At the same time, Ombi forcibly sends sonarr the show type Standard if it was normal tv, and Anime if it was anime. This shouldn't be forced. Users should be allowed to set what they would like the show type to be sent as. I and I'm sure many others would like ombi to send animes to sonarr with the user set root folder for animes and a user set Standard show type. An easy way to handle this would be a simple drop down in the settings next to the other user defaults for sonarr with the quality/roots. We could set animes to send as Standard then, which means we would grab season packs.


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11 months ago tidusjar/Ombi Set preferred Show Type in ombi > sonarr