Support for Multiple Plex Servers / Instances

JonnyWong16 asked for this feature over 1 year ago — 15 comments

JonnyWong16 commented over 1 year ago Admin

Is it possible to add support for multiple Plex media servers?

Reference previouse request on GitHub: #113

| Mr-Quinn commented over 1 year ago

PMS allows me to select any of my servers (3) to view but only run PlexPy on the main PMS... I have a second remote server that would be nice to see details of in PlexPy

| arionl commented over 1 year ago

I'm in the same boat as @lhawkins:

My primary PMS is FreeNAS (FreeBSD) but I need to run a separate Linux server for music because of the premium limitations on FreeBSD. Would be great to monitor both through a single PlexPy.

| u4dandy commented over 1 year ago

This would be a fantastic feature, hopefully it'll be considered in the future

| crazybadger commented over 1 year ago

I'd make use of this too, and would be much better than running two instances of PlexPy

| didyouexpectthat commented over 1 year ago

My libraries are too big to host on one plex server, so I require at minimum 2 servers. Would really benefit from this.

| Johannezzz commented about 1 year ago

Running two servers, would love to see a option for this.

lazyb0nes commented about 1 year ago

Id also like this to be available, would be awesome.

| PopeViper commented about 1 year ago

Starting up a second PMS now, this would be a huge benefit.

| bdrumm1234 commented about 1 year ago

Having a Graph for Overall Usage on 2 servers = Awesome! Would be a great feature!

| alhatmy commented 8 months ago

please !

| TwistedEndz commented 8 months ago

this was requested in late 2015 , so I would not count on it heh

| Codgedodger commented 8 months ago

^ Don't be a bummer! PLEASE ADD THIS!

| ourcontact commented 5 months ago

Just added 2nd Plex server - would like to have 1 consolidated PlexPy

| ChrisColotti commented 5 months ago

Same here, but with that I added a FR for the ability to connect to a Plex Cloud instance. Even if I could run a second version of PlexPY and point to the two different servers that an option to connect to multiple plex instances. Even run PlexPY in a docker container twice once for each instance.

Adding the Plex Cloud would be cool either way :)

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