Server Stats with Buffering Information/Stats

tripflex asked for this feature 11 months ago — 5 comments

tripflex commented 11 months ago

Would be great to have some type of stats on buffering, both on a user and server basis. This would help tremendously to track down problems (user bandwidth or server based) and know when your upstream is getting to a point where you need to upgrade.

mdefran65 commented 8 months ago

yes ditto on this

| hagabla commented 6 months ago

Yes please.

| JamminR commented 6 months ago

All, this seems a duplicate of This - At least, it should be combined. Please go vote that one. (It's highest requested anyway as of this comment)

| hagabla commented 6 months ago

Buffering also impacts directplay, not directly a duplicate of the initial request.

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