Multiple Notification Agents

JonnyWong16 asked for this feature over 1 year ago — 10 comments

JonnyWong16 commented over 1 year ago Admin

Sonarr allows you to have multiple connections (Pushbullet, Growl, etc.) which allows you to specify for each connection what you would like to pass in the notification.

In my situation, it allows me to push all notifications (on grab, on download) to my personal account, then just on download to my pushbullet channel (which has my Plex Server users).

Currently, PlexPy only allows 1 connection setting.

I'm envisioning being able to notify users if Plex Server Remote Access is down, and when it is back up using PlexPy or completely migrating over to PlexPy for all media added notifications since it seems like you all do a much better job at updating and adding features faster than sonarr.


Reference previouse request on GitHub: #438

| Deadpool-XBL commented over 1 year ago

I did not want to add another as I feel my request is similar. I want multiple email notification agents so that I can specify which emails to send to me and which emails to send to my users. I tried going through IFTTT but all the HTML is stripped from the email so you do not get links or movie posters in the email.

LwsBtlr commented over 1 year ago

I would like multiple agents as well so I could plait notifications against two slack channels, one for media updates and one for server related issues.

| Nvious1 commented about 1 year ago

+1 for this feature. I would like to use pushbullet agent multiple times. Example would be to push recently added to a channel tag and push plex server status (up/down) to a device or a entirely different channel.

| Spydie88 commented about 1 year ago

I would like to do as Nvious1 was saying too, but for Slack!

| elRadix commented about 1 year ago

same goes for telegram, 1 channel for private (plex status/watch updates) and for my friend audience (newly added items) which each their own seperate notification

| Mosalar commented about 1 year ago

I would also like the same as Deadpool-XBL. And I will send cookies.

| davemuench commented 8 months ago

+1 for doing this with slack as mentioned, this would be very useful.

ninthwalker commented 7 months ago

I run 2 PlexPy instances for this reason.

| MissingDLL commented 27 days ago

Would also love to have this feature.

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