Permission-based collections / virtual libraries

baghera8 asked for this feature 6 months ago — 3 comments

baghera8 commented 6 months ago

Having the ability to share a subset of books/issues without giving access to an entire library. This is, by far, my most common sharing use case. This would be a fantastic time-saving replacement to the practice of multiple cloud shared folders, where a ton of space goes wasted due to duplication (e.g. Google Drive Folder A is shared with Joey and has books A,B,C, and D while Folder B is shared with Jane and has books C,D,E, and F). Google Drive shortcuts are a long overdue feature to remedy the duplication, but the permissioning is far from intuitive).

majora2007 commented 6 months ago Admin

We currently have "Library" based permissions where you have complete control over what consistutes a Library. A library can share the same folders between multiple Libraries.

So you have Folders A, B, C. Library "Books" has A, B, C, and library "Kids Books" has A, C. Then you can give access to Kids Books to certain users.

The downside to this is that it is tedious on you to maintain when you add stuff. Likewise you could also try symbolic links.

The idea of virtual libraries IS something that is in the backlog, so it might be possible to add RBS to that. I'll keep this in mind.

baghera8 commented 6 months ago

Thanks, Joe! The folder/symbolic link approach is great for giving users access to large sections of your library. The use case I'm referring to would be for sharing a SUBSET of any given folder, or perhaps a combination of such. So, for instance, if I want to share a few specific books on learning Python, start-up financing, and logo design, giving access to entire "Coding", "Finance", and "Design" folders would be rather overwhelming for the intended recepient. I'm essentially interested in specific book/issue sharing functionality for casual guest users, as opposed to browsing driven "Library" sharing for more permanent/trusted users.

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