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Project Feature Score Description
tidusjar/Ombi Ombi Features v2 vs v3 3 This is not much of a feature request, aside from a request to have most of the advanced functions from v2 put back into v3 (ie. Newsletters, mass emails, custom donate button, more options for user management). There are a bunch of features I loved using with v2 - main snag is that is constantly crashes in a linux environment and I hate that it relies on mono, whereas v3 doesn't. V3 is very stable which I like, but it feels like the guts of Ombi have been removed from it... I understand it's 'beta' but is there an ETA for a major release? Thanks guys, definitely not meaning to sound like I'm b!tching - just want to get full use of Ombi's potential. What are the chances of/or is there a timeline for those features to be put back into v3? Thank you!
causefx/Organizr Deluge Support 6 Add support for multiple download clients, including Deluge.


Project Feature Comment When
tidusjar/Ombi Movie quality. Would be great if Ombi even had an option to "upgrade" media if it's already in the Plex library. (ie. If I search my library and find a SD movie, Ombi gives the option to fetch a better copy) about 2 years ago


Vote When Project Feature
about 2 years ago causefx/Organizr Deluge Support
about 2 years ago causefx/Organizr Ombi Integration into Plex Media Search