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Tautulli/Tautulli Newsletter "This Week I Recommend" or "Feature of the Week" 22 I adore TAUTULLI and my users totally get a kick out of the NEWSLETTER feature. I've been recommending films in the BODY of the message, but I'd love to somehow pick a media title to feature each week that would maybe expire by the next letter. It could feature the Art, description and a link.
tidusjar/Ombi Resend Request to Sonarr and Radarr feature 24 If a user requests a title, and I approve that title, that title will go to RADARR or SONARR. But, if there's any kind of problem, like Radarr isn't started or whatever, there's no way to re-send that request (i think?). I can remove the request then re-request it, but the notifications will go to me, not them. My best course of action is to find that title myself in Radarr. So I'd like a "Re-send Request to Radarr" ability!


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