A panic button

SillyBirds asked for this feature 3 months ago — 4 comments

SillyBirds commented 3 months ago

Should the worst happen (aka a mod or admin being compromised), have a .lockdown command be available to users that have at least channel rights to use. The bot would then strip all roles of admin (by nadeko role being topmost) & mod perms, then remove from all roles the write perm, basically making the whole server read-only and static (the read-only part could be optional).

The bot owner (I'm assuming here he's also the server owner) would be then the only one to be able to turn it off and if possible, have nadeko revert the changes automatically (after the problematic user has been dealt with).

This way, lower ranked staff could handle a situation where a higher or admin role was causing problems, without waiting for the server owner to step in (prolly too late by then).

| tyler40550 commented 3 months ago

very interesting

| Kwoth commented 3 months ago Admin

This command would be a huge responsibility, and it's a huge time investment.

| SillyBirds commented 2 months ago

How about then settling for the aftermath of such an event? I made a new suggestion for a backup feature.

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