Official Cleverbot for Selfhosters

Gremagol asked for this feature 3 months ago — 6 comments

Gremagol commented 3 months ago

Dear Botmaster, it would be nice for Selfhosters to add support for the Official Cleverbot by using this wrapper:

And for people, who do not want it, you could make a command which toggles them. For example: .togglecleverbot .tclvbt

I wanted to create this suggestion, because the actual cleverbot-api is sometimes very, very slow and only in english. Teaching new answers doesn't work so the answers will be the same everytime. I think there are many people out there who think the same. Please, take at least a look at it when you have time.


| gfrewqpoiu commented 3 months ago

The problem with the official cleverbot API is that it charges for usage. Only the first 5000 calls or the first three months are free, whichever is used up first. See for details.

| Gremagol commented 3 months ago

"Access to our API is provided on a monthly basis, starting on the day you place your order. If you have chosen the API Starter the first three months are free." Well you can still buy another key after three months. Sure there are people who do not need it, but I mean, why not adding this for interested Selfhosters? I suggested to toggle between them, so that you can still use Program-o as Cleverbot.

| ManuelFte commented 3 months ago

^ I agree. The important thing is to have the option available, it's up to the users whether they use it or not. As for me I don't mind getting API keys, as long as I can get Cleverbot again since it's still far superior to any other alternative.

Kwoth commented 3 months ago Admin

Kuro said he will try to host our own program-o. After that I'll add official cleverbot support too. If someone already has an API key for official cleverbot and wants to help, you can dm me on discord with the key so that i can test it after implementation.

Kwoth commented 2 months ago Admin

Just added. Add CleverbotApiKey to your credentials.json and it will use official cleverbot instead.

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