Acr's that trigger in any portion of the message

NeKyou asked for this feature 3 months ago — 6 comments

NeKyou commented 3 months ago

Instead of the current system which only takes a trigger in the beginning of a message (and requires the use of %target%), a new system could take a trigger that occurs in the middle of the message using a new type of placeholder

xnaas commented 3 months ago

There's been talks of regex for custom commands in the past. Somedayâ„¢. :D

| Ragnarok345 commented 3 months ago

I second this.

| willysunny commented 2 months ago

Oh god no. Maybe you are not realizing this, but if the custom reaction is too easily triggered, you'd literally going to have a reaction for every single sentence.

| NeKyou commented 2 months ago

Obviously that is to the discretion and supervision of the server administrators. Besides that, if a server wants an acr to trigger on every sentence, then let them.

Kwoth commented 2 months ago Admin

Added .crca (ca for 'contains anywhere')

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