Ability to run multiple bots with Nadeko Updater

ManuelFte asked for this feature about 3 years ago — 5 comments

ManuelFte commented about 3 years ago

Currently the Nadeko Updater can only handle one bot instance, but there are multiple reasons why a user would like to host more than one bot (like powering several music channels at once, or hosting the bot of a friend, or having different bots for general usage, private usage, testing, different servers, etc).

Although it is possible to use the old .bat to run alternate instances, this is an inelegant solution. It would be nice if either Nadeko Updater could handle multiple bot instances or you could run more than one Nadeko Updater on the same machine.

| Jukuu commented about 3 years ago

I currently run two bots one for my own, and one for a different server on the same machine... I would just consolidate and use one, but they are both very custom to each server in terms of icon, name, custom "flower" etc. I'm currently taking the L on my own server, so my friend can get the best experience available on his partnered server and running the older version on my own. I'm unsure how you can allow two instances of the same program to be ran, but i can imagine it may be possible based upon other exes being able to do it. :)

Ryonez commented over 2 years ago

<.< Make two folders...

Nadako#1 --> Bot files Nadeko#2 --> Bots files

Unless the new easy installer has done something weird, you can stop the bots and run 'git pull' in their respective folder to update them. And each bot has their own configuration.

This is 11 months late, but I'm surprised no one has pointed this out.

nooooomum commented over 1 year ago

Can someone help me with this please! i dont know how to do this

jellycakess commented 9 months ago

did anyone find a way to do it?

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