Update and add more info to The Stream Announcements twitch etc

worldofmadness asked for this feature 3 months ago — 10 comments

worldofmadness commented 3 months ago

More info added to the online streamer embed like game playing and the link more than just a highlighted name. and a snap shot of the live stream (Had few comments on it on my server) like this

and look at twitch fillter option to do either Live streamers only or both live streamers and Playlists

| darkhearth commented about 2 months ago

yes please! announcements are way to simple right now. Even something as simple as using the whole twitch link ( would be a great improvement because Discord would show by default the streamer profile picture at least. The best option would be to use embedded messages like .greetmsg and .byemsg in my opinion.

| darkhearth commented about 2 months ago

wolrdofmadness did you modified Nakedo's source code or is that another bot from the picture?

| Teybeo commented about 1 month ago

How about also removing the viewer count ? Because as the bot post an announce immediately after the stream has gone live, there's usually 0 or very few viewers yet so it's kinda counter-productive...

| worldofmadness commented about 1 month ago

no its another bot to show an example of a better look - also be good to add the twitch filter to either have online LIVE streams or to allow Playlists to

| darkhearth commented about 1 month ago

oh yes please, remove the viewer count, is a little embarrassing as well to see the 0 in your viewer count

| DavidLopezMartinez commented about 1 month ago

more info to The Stream Announcements twitch pls

| danddurand commented about 1 month ago

this definitely will help streamers! more info to the stream announcements!

GhostGurio commented 15 days ago

Totally agree here. I hope the next update will massively improve on this and follow other bots currently having the lead on this feature.

| Brramble commented 9 days ago

I totally want this, the current one is so basic and doesn't attract any attention what so ever.

An option to @everyone with it will be awesome too!

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