Ragnarok345 asked for this feature 3 months ago — 5 comments

Ragnarok345 commented 3 months ago

.autoboobs or .autobutts like the .autohentai. Kinda one-sided.

| halitalf commented about 1 month ago

I'm working with Kwoth to get my changes that add .autoboobs and .autobutts merged right now.

TastyCookies124 commented about 1 month ago

Why not just make it autoporn and allow tags like boob butt and what not. Idk if that would work but yeah

| Macley-Kun commented 29 days ago

Hey um i think it's implemented? We can close this one right?

| halitalf commented 16 days ago

@Macley-Kun that is my implementation, but it has not been merged yet. Just waiting for Kwoth to get to the merge.

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