Schedule commands (with a lot of options, see description)

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Schedule commands

  • Add scheduler command (like reminder but recurring) with optional time or/and end date arguments:
    [me/here/channel name] same as reminder
    [sd-{date}] start date, format YYYY-MM-DD
    [interval] same as reminder time, format mo>w>d>h>m OR dmo (day of the month) ex: 1dmo = every 1 mth the same day, 01/30 03/30 04/30 05/30 feb skip bcs no 30th day
    [Multiword msg] same as reminder
    Optional arguments :
    [st-{time}] start time, format HH:MM:SS, default is 00:00:00
    [ed-{date}] end date, format YYYY-MM-DD, if omitted will trigger 4ever
    [et-{time}] end time, format HH:MM:SS, default is 00:00:00 - needs [ed-{date}] to be used
    [i{iteration offset}] iteration offset, default is 0, would be added to %n% since [sd-{date}] [st-{time}]
    Placeholders :
    %n% count of next iteration (including offset [i{iteration count}]), increment every interval
    %today% current date YYYY-MM-DD - date format could be set in the future via command
    %now% current time HH:MM:SS
    %user% user who ran the command

.schedule [channel name] [sd-{date}] [st-{time}] [ed-{date}] [et-{time}] [i{iteration count}] [interval] [Multiword msg]
.schedule #alarms sd-2017-05-15 st-17:55:00 1d War in 5 minutes! War alarm everyday at 17h55 from May 15th
.schedule #events sd-2017-04-01 st-15:00:00 1w Weekend event Start! Weekend event alarm every Saturday at 15h00
.schedule #calendar sd-2017-01-02 ed-2017-12-31 i2 1w Week %n% of 2017, %today% Week 5 of 2017, 2017-01-30

  • Add a schedule list command .schedulelist # # = page
  • Add a schedule remover command .delschedule # # = schedule id
  • Add put an alias on a schedule id .schedulealias # {Multiword Text}
  • Add a command scheduler .schedulecmd works the same as .schedule but for commands
    Placeholder for Customreactions :
  • %schdl:#% - # is the id of the schedule, will print the alias of the schedule
  • %schdlcd:#% - # is the id of the schedule, will print the time left until next iteration

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