Ability to change flowerreaction for self hosters.

icray1 asked for this feature 3 months ago — 10 comments

icray1 commented 3 months ago

I want to change flowerreactions to the name of my local server currency, and to change the reaction emoji.

| rjt-rockx commented 3 months ago

It's possible if you edit the database file and the flowerreaction command code to have your own emoji and text.

| icray1 commented 3 months ago

I've checked the database and I don't see it. From as far as I know the only way to change flowerreactions is through the source code.

| ManuelFte commented 2 months ago

That's right, .flowerreaction ignores the custom emoji and currency name set in the database. I think it should use them too.

| ManuelFte commented 2 months ago

I meant .startevent flowerreaction btw.

evacfk commented 2 months ago

This is what i've done to my flowerreaction, i've changed the output message. I usually just prune the 'startevent flowerreaction' message so all the user sees is the event

| Kwoth commented 2 months ago Admin

Not possible atm.

| darkhearth commented about 2 months ago

@evacfk how did you changed it? =O

| thiswasmadeonawhim commented about 1 month ago

the most that i've altered so far was just the custom emoji. before i had "medal" in place of "flower", but with all the updates i've gotten too lazy to continue changing it. though it is very much possible to do on your own.

| Kwoth commented 8 days ago Admin

Added on 1.9, just wait for it to release.

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