Level up roles

ConnerItayi asked for this feature 3 months ago — 16 comments

ConnerItayi commented 3 months ago

Server based roles granted based on either an XP count or a server score, similar to Tatsumaki.

| Kwoth commented 3 months ago Admin

It would take days to add something like this and make it be at least half-decent.

| SillyBirds commented 2 months ago

@Kwoth disregarding the xp thing, what about if the bot only kept track of posted messages and assigned roles based on activity?

| willysunny commented 2 months ago

I see no benefit for such option other than showing off. Possible lead to more spam

| Namstrawhat commented 2 months ago

can you combine mee6 and Tatsumaki. or something like different levels stuff. keep track on that server

| Namstrawhat commented 2 months ago

like to have leveling that can award flowers

| DogeOps97 commented 2 months ago

Leveling function only bring in the spam though, almost to the frequency of gc >_>

| Kyousei commented about 2 months ago

I Don't see the benefit of it. You could always use another bot for that. 🤔

| szkonk commented about 1 month ago

Many other bots already have this

| TastyCookies124 commented about 1 month ago

I see a benefit it would be like Xbox achievements what I think would be awesome is doing a lvl system like miki but better and rewards flowers

| Shisogenius commented about 1 month ago

Suggestion: add a .clubnotify command for club owners to have the bot DM/ping club members

| Zequew1 commented about 1 month ago

I use a leveling system, and the people in my server love it, but the thing is, I use 1 multi-purpose bot just for that. If Nadeko implements this, it would be nicer for the multiple bot purpose.

| Shuugo commented about 1 month ago

^ I just have my own mee6 setup just for this feature. Would love to replace it with NadekoBot which is also present in the server and retire mee6.

Mee6 level functionality can be reviewed here:

| moofishies commented about 1 month ago

Tends to be spammy and other bots already provide this function. I see no positive benefit and it takes away from spending time on other features.

Please if this feature is included have a documented way to disable it for people hosting their own Nadeko.

| SillyBirds commented 15 days ago

It would be nice to have the opposite command of .xpex, so that you have to include roles instead of removing them.

| Kwoth commented 8 days ago Admin

This was done few days ago.

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